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Hello, Girl!

Let’s Get Coding.

Hello, Girl! This fall you will learn to code.

Together with several local businesses, organizations, and schools, Digital Dreams now arranges a code course for women only. The course is at part of the network WI-Tech Brains and is the first step of realizing the digital dreams of women.

During the course, we will review the basics and the most common techniques used in website building.

We will go through the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and build a basic but cool web page, ready to post immediately after the course. Our teachers work at various IT companies around Jönköping, which gives you a great opportunity to network and create contacts with your potential future employers. The biggest benefit of the workshop is that you get to see what programming is about. Who knows? Maybe it’s what you are meant to do and you just did not know about it.

The workshop is a collaboration between: Science Park JönköpingEn Appstudio, Knowit, Consid, Cybercom, Teknikcollage Södra Vätterbygden, Jönköping University, VOX Hotell, CitykollJordbruksverket och Domstolsverket within Transform to AAA, Digital Dreams and WI-Tech Brains.

Hello, Teachers!

Daniela Andersson Waara
En appstudio

Emmelie Strand
Designer och Frontend developer


Gabriella Karlsson
System developer

Linnea Karlsson
System and web developer
Consid, Domstolsverket

Martina Ronnysdotter
System developer



Hello, Girl! Download your courseware so we can get coding already.