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Come join us and share our powerful network.

Come join us and share our powerful network. Develop your skills, boost your career and connect with a wide range of professionals.

We support you with everything from creative lab environments to latest research and knowledge. Come to our local meetups or join us when we visit events like Sthlm Techfest, Women in Tech, Slush and Tech Open Air. Putting you in touch with key figures in your business field and developing your competence to help you thrive, that’s what motivates us.

Diversity in tech is something we take very seriously. That’s why we constantly support networks that are focusing on helping women get in to the tech industry. A great initiative we support is Women in Tech. Every year they’re boosting a selected group of talented women with education, fact finding trips and mentorship from some of the greatest tech profiles in Sweden. In the region of Jönköping, we’re constantly trying to find new and exciting collaborations to strengthen our network.