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Come join us and share our powerful network.

Come join us and share our powerful network. Develop your skills, boost your career and connect with a wide range of professionals.

We support you with everything from creative lab environments to latest research and knowledge. Come to our local meetups or join us when we visit events like Sthlm Techfest, Women in Tech, Slush and Tech Open Air. Putting you in touch with key figures in your business field and developing your competence to help you thrive, that’s what motivates us.

Diversity in tech is something we take very seriously. That’s why we constantly support networks that are focusing on helping women get in to the tech industry. A great initiative we support is Women in Tech. Every year they’re boosting a selected group of talented women with education, fact finding trips and mentorship from some of the greatest tech profiles in Sweden. In the region of Jönköping, we’re constantly trying to find new and exciting collaborations to strengthen our network.

I-Tech Brains

I-Tech Brains is a neutral network where the region’s leading creators and digital talents can discuss and create solutions to existing problems and challenges. Through networking meetings, specific techniques, code languages, industries with their problems and challenges will be discussed, hacked and tested.

The members of the network collaborate digitally between the meetings. The purpose of the network is to get the region’s smartest digital talents to work together to solve the problems and challenges they face in their daily lives. The members also have access to the creative lab environment and the latest knowledge and research through the competence center at Jönköping University.

Today, these people encounter problems, as they all often work at different companies and are seen as competitors. This can hamper development, and by creating the network, bridges can be built between companies, with meetings and collaborations. Today, niche networks are created across borders, but members often find it difficult to find neutral places to hold their meetings, and they often have no financial support for development. Through Transform to AAA, Digital Dreams and I-tech Brains we think that we can make a difference by enabling both the economy and a neutral host space at Science Park and Jönköping University.

WI-Tech Brains

Even though women are higher educated, they are not seen in leading positions in society. The composition of the boardrooms – and senior positions in general – consists mainly of men. Few women run growth companies/startups/tech & technology companies in the region of Jönköping. Of applicants for technical courses at Jönköping University, the proportion of women is low. Fewer women than men have technical professions. All of this affects businesses creativity, innovation power and ability to transform. Promoting increased diversity in business is a survival issue. Therefore, the efforts in the Transform to AAA project will be put in a perspective of gender equality.

Therefore, WI-Tech Brains is needed.

To show how digital equality can make a difference for creativity and innovation, Transform to AAA, through Digital Dreams, has created the WI-tech Brains network. The neutral network is created for facilitating the exchange of experience, ideas, mentorship, inspiration, and cooperation. In particular, the network is created for the region’s leading female creators and digital technicians to discuss and solve solutions to existing problems and challenges.

As a first step, to get more women to engage in IT, the WI-Tech Brains network, several local businesses, organizations, and schools have created the course Hello, Girl! with the purpose to make more women discover coding.