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Participate in our global Digital Dreams Hackathon.

Let’s hack Jönköping – as a city and as a region, but also its companies and inhabitants.

Every year, 50,000 people visit the world’s largest digital festival at Elmia in Jönköping – DreamHack. The fact that all these people are hanging out in Jönköping is of course amazing! But we would like to see more of the visitors take benefit in everything else that our awesome region has to offer, outside of Elmia.

Join the quest at DreamHack Winter 2018 and help us find out how we can get the visitors of DreamHack to experience the entire region of Jönköping. What activities can we create, during, before and after the festival? How can we help the visitors get in touch with the region’s companies and residents? And the big quest(ion): how can we, in the long run, attract young tech talent to work and live in Jönköping County?

Learn more and sign up for the hackathon at sciencepark.se.

The Quest is hosted by Digital Dreams, which is part of the Transform to AAA project, in collaboration with Tross and StartUp Jönköping.