The region of Jönköping invests in tech talents

//The region of Jönköping invests in tech talents

The region of Jönköping invests in tech talents

Digital Dreams is a part of the project “Transform to AAA”, which is a joint initiative for strengthened digitalization capacities in Region Jönköping, funded by the European regional development fund, the Region Jönköpings län, Jönköping University, Science Park and local companies. The purpose of Digital Dreams is to create a platform where all dreams can meet.

Digital transformation of the region of Jönköping
Digital Dreams will connect users with others that think like them, whether they dream about opportunities, work, lifestyle or just your filling their spare time; as a resident, an employer or just an individual curious about becoming a part of our region. The platform creates connections to the local business sector through meeting places and events where users and visitors can exchange knowledge and ideas with other talented people like themselves, or participate in challenges and contests for amazing prizes.

Digital Dreams at DreamHack Summer 2018
Digital Dreams, and the people behind the project, will be present and available at DreamHack Summer 2018. Visitors of DreamHack will be able to meet the team to learn more about the project and what the region of Jönköping can offer them but it’s also an opportunity for the team behind Digital Dreams to learn more about the visitors and their dreams.

The Digital Dreams game
A game has been created exclusively for the visitors of DreamHack. A handful of codes has been placed around DreamHack and visitors will be able to unlock minigames through the app “Digital Dreams: The Quest” that can be downloaded for free from AppStore or Google Play. The app has four minigames and the users can collect them all with a chance to win some epic prizes.

The game is made in the region of Jönköping and with proximity to some of the best educations and companies in the gaming industry, a career in gaming is a Digital Dream the region of Jönköping can offer.

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